The Works of James Joyce

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Poem for Nora

Nora Knew

“How on God's earth can you possibly love a thing like me?”
(Joyce letter to Nora - December 6, 1909)

He takes up a new position at the bottom
of the bed, utterly and comfortably
without pillow or blanket

his countdown begins from seconds to sounds
that will draw her back from her small rebellion

He doesn’t mind her being so different
as to be distinctive until she wishes

for the impossible and blue and neverending
subtext of his tearing her apart until she’s no longer
(c) Tim J Brennan
Austin MN

Plumtree Potted Meat

Plumtree's Potted Meat?
In complete
With it an Abode of Bliss"

Ulysses: James Joyce

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